Ramp Up Your Real-time Price Intelligence With A Powerful New Lifeline: Email Alerts

There's a shiny new tool in your competitor tracking toolkit, from your pricing intelligence tool provider: Email Alerts, a new, simple, and powerful addition to your price intelligence tool that sends you Email notifications of your competitors’ latest price changes. Email Alerts give online retailers the information they need to help make pricing decisions in real-time -- instantly and easily -- at home or away. Email Alerts come directly to the online retailer’s Email inbox, tracking important price changes and products that you designate; and you don’t have to login to your master report to find out what’s happening.

Think of email alerts as a pricing-tool-version of room service. For room service, you look at the menu, order the items you want, you tell the room service what time to deliver it to you, and they do. They lay out the meal for you. You “eat” what you want when you want it; and you never run out.

Think of Email Alerts as an “app” for your price intelligence tool. Like Google Alerts and other web-based alert services, you receive Email notifications on specific information you label about products, prices and competitors -- sent directly to your Email inbox. With this tool, you can “label” as many products as you would like to follow. You can "filter" products and assign categories. You can get specific details on specific items, specific competitor pricing, sale info, hot products, brand, categories, etc. You can see immediately if the price went down, if the price went up, how your price compares. You can set Email Alerts to be received daily or weekly, and, in addition to the forty products with the largest percentage price change, you can link directly from the Email Alert to your full Alert Report. 

 What are the advantages of email alerts with your price intelligence tool?

  • Email alerts are simple, powerful, effective, fast, and convenient.
  • You don’t have to make a conscious effort to check for the info. The price intelligence you “order” comes directly to your inbox.
  • It’s easy to set up. You simply designate the info you want with labels – by product, competitor, price, percentages, hot products, sale prices, etc.
  • The Email Alert displays the information clearly and colorfully, in an easy-to-read format.
  • No need to log in to get the info.
  • Simply click on the Email Alert to go to your full, detailed report.
  • Your team members can also receive the Email Alerts.

Upstream Commerce Email Alerts 

Bottom Line:

The best price intelligence tool providers anticipate and incorporate software that will provide the latest pricing and content information without a hitch. "All forward-looking price intelligence tool providers will provide Email Alerts,” says Amos Peleg, CEO and co-founder of pioneer pricing intelligence company, Upstream Commerce (UpstreamCommerce.com).

“We added Email Alerts so our customers can receive their competitive pricing information quickly and directly,” Peleg says. “Our customers can select what info they want and how often they receive the alerts.  For more detailed reports they simply click on the links in the email and are sent directly to the application. We’re making improvements every day, and our customers are very happy with this new tool to aid them in their ongoing efforts to compete in the online retail arena. Email Alerts are another way to make the job of online retail pricing faster, easier, more convenient, and, most important, more effective,” Peleg concludes.   

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