Great Video: 10 Outstanding Pricing Milestones Throughout History

What do the Rolling Stones have to do with pricing milestones? Find out in this video when Pricing Prophets' Founder / Managing Director, Jon Manning tells us the colorful history of pricing. It’s all there: Auctions (think Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors); opportunistic pricing (price vs demand, as in charging more to take people across the Thames River to safety during the Great Fire of London); dynamic pricing (as in paying more for better seats to see a hanging -- or the Rolling Stones); advance purchase pricing; pricing discrimination; setting prices; and pricing erosion over product life cycle. All-in-all, this video, 10 Historical Pricing Milestones, is a semi-painless approach to pricing history (except, perhaps, for the hangings... or seeing the Rolling Stones, for some).

Welcome to the 21st Century! The inexorable growth of online shoppers and online retail competition gives consumers many more choices than ever, and makes pricing even more important for buyer and seller alike.  

Online retailers can gain pricing and competitive advantages in today's marketplace by using Pricing Intelligence Tools to gather and compare information on the competition and the market -- in real-time -- and adjust strategies, prices, and procedures accordingly.  (And isn't "Pricing Prophets" a clever name for a pricing company?) 

Let me know what you think of this video.  Gilon 

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