Terrific Pricing Video: 10 Important Things Retailers Should Know (And Do) About Competitive Pricing

What does Goldilocks have to do with half a car? Or Bart Simpson have to do with a pricing laboratory? Pricing strategies. At least according to Pricing Prophets they do. We chose this video because Pricing Prophets’ Founder/Managing Director, Jon Manning presents some of the best competitive pricing advice you could want, with humor and goodwill. Jon has a marvelous way of making complicated points sound easy, as he takes us through “10 Important Things Retailers Should Know (And Do) About Competitive Pricing”.

Originally named, “Ten Things Every Accountant (And Their Clients) Should Know About Pricing,” this video present not only valuable points -- but details about pricing.  Points like don’t overcomplicate your pricing; use discounting strategically; get-price-as-well-as-set-price; pricing is a process, not a project; and, guess what? There’s no such thing as a pricing laboratory!

Jon adds a lot of detail to each point, and makes serious pricing considerations into a fresh, light, painless, and extremely useful experience.

Takeaway: Pricing has never been as important as it is today, what with the continual growth of consumers researching and buying online, and online (and offline) retailers competing for the sales. 

Just as Jon and Pricing Prophets give good pricing advice, we advise you to get good Pricing Intelligence to go with it. Utilize the latest pricing intelligence tools to get you the information you need to adjust your strategies, prices, and procedures to be as competitive as you can be. 

 Tell us what you liked about this video. Thanks.  Gilon 

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