How You Can Price More Competitively Using A Pricing Intelligence Tool (Video)

For any retailer who's serious about identifying real opportunities to price more competitively and secure the best profit margins, pricing intelligence tools have become compulsory to survive in the competitive marketplace. With a pricing intelligence tool, you can not only compare how your prices compare with your competitors’, but answer other really important questions, such as: What is the best price level for this product? How often should I adjust my pricing to compete more effectively? What’s happening in the marketplace that I need to know? And more.

This Upstream Commerce demo: “Pricing Intelligence Tool - Get a wealth of pricing information from Upstream Commerce”, shows how online retailers can easily gather and organize competitive information in order to price more competitively.

Upstream Commerce’s pricing intelligence tool is an easy and powerful way to track your competitors’ pricing 24/7, providing you with the following types of information on which to base critically-important pricing decisions:

 * Individual product details. You can designate exactly what details you'd like to see. 

 * Pricing opportunities. See where you're pricing above or below your competitors.

 * Filtering to your needs. Gather and study information according to product description, manufacturer, manufacturer number, as well as which competitors carry this product.

* Pricing history. Chart the information and find out what direction it's going.

* Find out what your competitors are doing. See how they display the product on their website.


As a pioneer in Pricing Intelligence solutions, Upstream Commerce delivers online retailers powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) tools, to track competitors pricing 24/7, gain pricing insights, and identify significant pricing opportunities. Take Upstream Commerce’s pricing intelligence tool for a “test drive” today, and see what the industry's most robust, cost-effective solution for increasing revenue and sales volume can do for you.  

Have you tried a Pricing Intelligence tool yet?  Best.  Gilon 

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