How Retailers Can Manage Thousands of Products Using A Pricing Intelligence Tool (Video)

The Pricing Intelligence Tool in Upstream Commerce’s Retail Intelligence Suite makes it really simple to find great competitive pricing opportunities, even when you’re handling thousands or even tens of thousands of products. Upstream Commerce, in fact, serves customers who use the tool to handle hundreds of thousands products. In this Upstream Commerce video, “Pricing Intelligence Tool - Easily Manage The Pricing Of Thousands Of Products,” you'll see how you can filter and cross-section your data in many ways; also how to create and save your own custom reports so you can follow your competitors in ways that are most relevant to you.

Upstream Commerce’s powerful matching engine:

* Automatically identifies and tracks the products in your  and your competitors' websites.

* Shows you products, matches, and prices.

* Gives you data on minimum and maximum competitor price.

* Shows where you stand in relation to your competitors’ pricing.

* Lets you create custom reports according to the specific data you want to work with.

* Makes it easy to track a competitor on a regular basis.


The Pricing Intelligence Tool in Upstream Commerce's Retail Intelligence Suite provides you with the right data at the right time, in easily usable form, helping you effortlessly handle pricing for thousands of products. 

Click here to "Test Drive" our pricing intelligence tool, today.    Best. Gilon

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