Upstream Commerce Makes It Easy To Monitor Competition 24/7 Using Magento Integration

Upstream Commerce last week made it easy for retailers to compete more effectively, increase sales, and grow profit margins, when it announced integration of its competitive intelligence pricing tools with Magento, the leading eCommerce platform -- owned and used by eBay. With more than 110,000 merchants already using Magento, the simple integration with Upstream Commerce's Retail Intelligence Suite makes it possible for retailers to smoothly and effortlessly engage in competitor tracking of prices and assortment in real time, 24/7.

The beauty of the integration is that Magento users can add Upstream Commerce's competitive price and assortment intelligence capability to their tool-set without adding any IT resources in formatting and exporting their product catalog data. The product pricing and assortment data required for the service is automatically extracted directly from the Magento platform and imported into the Upstream Commerce system.

The easy-to-add and easy-to-use Upstream Commerce integration with Magento makes the following possible:

* Automatic extraction of product, pricing and assortment data directly from the Magento platform into the Upstream Commerce system.

* Support for Magento's filters to select products you would like to track (best sellers, most viewed, low stock, etc.).

* Support for Magento pricing options - tiered pricing, shopping cart price, MAP price, etc.

* Support for Magento catalog price rules, and shopping cart price rules

* Support for multiple types of products ("Configurable products")

* Support for Magento Category Management. Allows the user to analyze data by the categories he is using in Magento.

* Support for Magento Tags. Tags can be uploaded to Upstream Commerce and used to filter, segment and get insights on products.

* Support for Magento On Sale status. On Sale status can be used in the application to filter, segment and get insights on products


Upstream Commerce Retail Intelligence Dashboard showing examples of Latest Updates, Alerts, and Pricing Opportunities

Future Capabilities

Future capabilities of this integration will include the ability for retailers to change the prices in their storefront directly from the Upstream Commerce system and competitive intelligence data appearing directly in Magento’s admin panel, delivering a full actionable cycle where data is automatically extracted from Magento, analyzed in Upstream Commerce's application, and delivered back to Magento.

Upstream Commerce is the leader in Retail Intelligence, Pricing Intelligence, and Assortment Intelligence, through its Retail Intelligence Suite, helping retailers around the world compete more effectively, increase sales, and grow profit margins through the use of automated real-time intelligence gathering and analysis.

To see a demo of the Upstream Commerce Retail Intelligence Suite click here 


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