Why Online Shopping Is Too Slow & Faster Home Delivery Desired (Video)

If I can get a pizza delivered to my door, hot, why can't I get instant delivery of ANY product I order, in a short time? That's one of the essential questions posed by Dr. Patrick Dixon, Future Trends-Growth Strategy-Futurist, when he tells a conference audience of logistics and supply chain executives that, "The future driver is passion -- The passion of wanting things fast and easy."

Dixon says we're becoming a very time-impatient world. First, he talks about website service, (e.g. too long for site to download, getting help -- users think that 3 seconds is too long to wait -- then the customer would love to have the product instantly). Dixon says mobile phone apps create expectations that products will be delivered seconds after ordering. All this expectation, according to Dixon, puts on pressure for overnight- or same-day-delivery of goods ordered online.

Here's Dixon's video, "Why online shopping is TOO SLOW, and the need for faster home delivery":

 Interesting takeaways:

* You lose up to 30% of all of your customers in that first 15 seconds of contact.

* 5% of returns from online deliveries can wipe out 50 percent of the margin for a retailer. Make sure the product you send is correct.

This video was uploaded to YouTube October 6, 2011. With prescience (he is a futurist, after all -- and maybe he actually consulted with Amazon?), Dixon presages Amazon's recent announcement of new infrastructure and neighborhood hubs / distribution centers to aid in quick delivery of products ordered. 


"The web makes us impatient. Emotions come into play. People expect things right away. You have to anticipate what customer expectations will be in the coming years. This is the future, now, in a way that we didn't even see four years ago, Dixon notes.

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