“Amazon Yesterday Shipping” Bends Time & Space In This Video/Parody

In our Upstream Commerce blog post last week, we talked about Amazon's plans to place lots of warehouses near major metropolitan areas, speed up its delivery times, and increase the number of items it offers for same-day delivery. Simultaneously, in The Consumerist, writer Chris Morran wrote, "no matter how many warehouses Amazon builds or how many trucks it leases, it will never be as awesome as the purely theoretical 'Amazon Yesterday Shipping'."

Imagine getting your Amazon deliveries -- and returns -- before you even place the order! In this entertaining flight of fancy, watch: “Amazon Yesterday Shipping Bends Time & Space, Would Be Worth Price Of Prime Membership." 

After the video:  

If you think Amazon getting a sales-tax-break was a big advantage, think about how you can compete with someone who can take your order in the morning and deliver it in the afternoon -- or maybe "yesterday" -- for tomorrow!

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