The Techno-Visionary Who Changed The World Of Retail: Steve Jobs (PBS Video)

Sometimes you see a video or movie or read a book that you feel is a "must see" for everyone. So I felt about the video, "Steve Jobs - One Last Thing," which I came across while researching something else.  During his time at Apple's helm, Steve Jobs brought the world an incredible array of visionary products that he helped design and create. He and the people he oversaw at Apple changed the way people around the world interact with computers.  Today, you are witnessing the dramatic effect he had on the retail industry by consumers overwhelmingly using smartphones and apps for personal "price intelligence" -- to get information, compare products, check prices, order for immediate delivery, and more. Incidentally, the iPhone now has more than 500,000 apps available for it, and the phone is the best-selling smartphone in the world. Ditto for the iPad mobile operating system and a variety of compelling apps, which make it by far the best-selling tablet in the world. (Thank you to Sean Ludwig, for his VentureBeat article, "10 Important Products Steve Jobs Helped Bring To The World". )  

It doesn't matter who you are or what you do.  The video mesmerized me for 55 minutes, and it was worth every second. It will appeal to anyone who's living today, young, old, technologically inclined -- or not. It's exciting, it's interesting,  it's inspiring -- and impactful. It's about a visionary who succeeded in changing how we work, play, communicate, listen to music, watch movies, shop (see our highly popular post, 7 Tips To Make Your Business Irresistible To Online Shoppers) and much more today.  Steve Jobs' creativity, drive, determination, and leadership is inspiring, breathtaking, and awesome. Watch this video and you'll understand what I mean:


Steve Jobs was a: Misfit, Phone-Jacker, Whiz Kid, Entrepreneur, Artist, Buddhist, Innovator, Rival, Celebrity, Creator, Tyrant, Savior, and Visionary.

Most important, from the beginning, he realized that you can change things. Jobs made such a big impact on our world, he changed the way we communicate… and he was a brilliant, genius marketer. He transformed people's lives -- he shook up whole industries, with panache and style, the latest being retail (we can only wonder if he anticipated this effect, too).  Steve Jobs unlocked the creativity of a whole generation.

I'd love to have your reactions to this video and how Steve Jobs creations have affected your retail business. Thanks. Gilon

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