Dr. Shai Geva On How The Ideal Price Intelligence Solution Works

What makes a Competitive Pricing & Assortment Intelligence Company thrive and flourish?  What goes into capturing the pricing intelligence retailers need in order to compete effectively? Here's a look behind the scenes at Upstream Commerce that reveals the challenges, uniqueness, and technology that drive the high-level, effective, successful pricing intelligence solutions used today by retailers around the globe.

In this candid video interview, Upstream Commerce's Founding Partner & Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Shai Geva, addresses the following three important issues:

* How Does The Upstream Commerce Technology Work?

* What Makes The Upstream Commerce Technology Unique?

* What Are Some Of The Challenges Upstream Commerce Overcame To Become A Successful Retail Intelligence Provider?  

(See summary after the video): 

 Dr. Shai Geva, CTO, Upstream Commerce

Summary Of Dr. Shai Geva's Interview:

How Does The Upstream Commerce Technology Work?

1. Crawlers. Custom-built and built to be very efficient crawlers allow scanning millions and millions of products every day. Upstream Commerce goes directly to competitor websites and gets the product pages…

2. Data Extractors. Upstream Commerce is able to cope with any website, no matter how complex -- and extract the information we need.  (You'll see a representation of Upstream Commerce's Data Extraction in the thumbnail photo, above).  Once we have the product information, we apply the matching engine:

3. Matching Engine. We use a combination of advanced algorithms from artificial intelligence and we apply semantic analysis plus data mining techniques which allow us to reach very high levels of accuracy and coverage. Once we have all this in place and continually refresh the data and get up-to-date data, we apply our analytics engine.

4. Analytics Engine. We apply our analytics engine and get out the reports. These reports are available interactively or can be exported via API or to EXCEL.

What Makes The Upstream Commerce Technology Unique?

There are many advantages to Upstream Commerce's pricing intelligence solution over simple scraping tools and other price-gathering tools:

1. We collect our data directly from your competitors' websites. These are our primary sources, and the data we collect is just as the shopper would see it.

2. Where necessary, we will collect pricing and availability information from the shopping cart as well. Again, this data matches what the shopper would see on the shopping site, so we provide our clients with the most accurate information.

3. We keep product information updated. Typically, we will scan products once every 24 hours in order to keep the information fresh.

4. We handle product variations with alacrity. Product variation means that a product has several variants, e.g. size or color; these variants may have different prices, and we deal with these variations throughout our pipeline. For instance, our data extractors extract a number of variants from a single product page, and our matching engine will match while obeying the different variants, so we have matches by color or size as necessary.

What Are Some Of The Challenges Upstream Commerce Overcame To Become A Successful Retail Intelligence Provider? 

There were a number of significant technological challenges we needed to address when building our technology and our solution:

Challenge 1. E-Commerce websites are very dynamic and change constantly, so we needed to continually address and adapt to this dynamic nature.  

Challenge 2. The product data on these sites is highly unstructured and irregular; it can be noisy and it can be partial. And these pose significant challenges to data extraction and to matching.

Challenge 3. Product variations -- when products have different variants by color or size, it adds another dimension of complexity to our processing.


In order to be among the most successful pricing intelligence providers, Upstream Commerce addresses the challenges of eCommerce website dynamics, difficulty of extracting and matching the information on pricing and assortment, and thinks and acts nimbly, to bring the highest levels of accuracy to retailers, to allow them to make the best and most well-informed decisions for their companies.

To learn more about How Upstream Commerce Meets & Exceeds Everyone's Pricing Intelligence Needs, and try our free demo


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