How Retailers Are Fighting Amazon For Same-Day-Delivery Success (Video)

On December 27, 2012, the New York Times summarized the latest holiday retail competition as some stores tried to compete with by offering Same-Day-Delivery. Retailers were responding to the fact that the world’s biggest online retailer (Amazon), hinted that it will expand its same-day shipping service, giving customers the immediate gratification that has been the biggest advantage of brick-and-mortar stores.

The article, "Instantly Yours, For a Fee" By Stephanie Clifford and Claire Cain Miller addressed the different ways retailers were scrambling to deliver to their customers quickly, including same-day delivery -- whether the customers wanted it or not. 

It led us to wonder, What Next? And the best thing we can think of is the great video we ran last July -- “Amazon Yesterday Shipping Bends Time & Space In This Video/Parody"   -- that is even more relevant today: 

Bottom Line:

The door is still open on whether to provide same-day delivery as it's logistically complicated and money-losing, but many are trying to combat Amazon by getting out of the gate quickly. It's not clear if this practice is working or will take hold.

The shopper is fickle -- and it's not even clear that the shopper wants/needs this service, but (even if) "people don’t need immediate delivery today… they will need it tomorrow, because as soon as you know it’s available, you start expecting it and you start demanding it,” said Tom Allason, founder and chief executive of Shutl, a British same-day delivery service that will expand to the United States next year.

In the meantime, several major retailers are building shipping and delivery centers near big cities, like Amazon is doing.  Stay tuned…  Best.  Gilon 

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