Why Online Retailers Need To Grow Revenue 15% In 2013 To Remain Competitive (Infographic)

This just in! A nifty Infographic from ClickTale summarizing the latest eCommerce growth forecasts, telling why retailers need to achieve over 15% online revenue growth in 2013 in order to stay ahead of the game, including which product categories are going wild and key advertising dates when your business will be at its best. Of course, along with the need for the sharpest pricing and assortment intelligence solutions, we've been harping on these points since the beginning. Here are the reasons online retailers (who want to survive) have to get on the online revenue growth bandwagon as fast as they can: (Statistics from Kenshoo, 2012 Global Online Retail Shopping Report, US Data, year over year):  

1. The Competition Is Growing By Double-Digits.

The Infographic shows a growth chart for 2012 vs. 2013 for the US, China, United Kingdom, Japan and Germany -- or, as the Infographic states: If you grow more slowly than the market -- you are losing market share.

2. eCommerce Is Outpacing Brick & Mortar.

We knew that. In the past year, the share of total retail coming from eCommerce grew from 4.8% to 5.4% - claiming nearly $6 billion from physical stores.

3. Some Products Are On Fire.

Digital content and subscriptions grew by 26%, consumer electronic 19%, apparel and accessories 17%, event tickets 16%; and computer software, 16%.

4. eCommerce Is Becoming More Effective:

The massive investment in web analytics is finally coming to fruition. I'd say that is an understatement. Conversion rates increased by 6% from Q4 2011 to Q4 2012.

5. There Are Key Dates When You Can Boost Your Revenue:

...Namely holidays and special days. The top shopping being on Thanksgiving, followed by Cyber Monday, Free Shipping Day, Day After Christmas, Black Friday, and Green Monday.

Businesses like ClickTale are looking to help retailers recognize online retail competition, and accelerate online revenue growth. So are we. 

Infographic: Grow by 15% – Or Lose Market Share!


Infographic by ClickTale.com



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