7 Simple Reasons Online Retail Revolution Welcomed In Australia (60 Minutes News Video)

With images of the movie Breakfast At Tiffany's in the background, 60 Minutes Australia took a look at the early days of eCommerce in that Country/Continent (2011).  Titled The Online Retail Revolution, it's interesting to see what people were thinking about as they looked toward the coming phenomenon of online shopping, and talking about what effects it might have.  I find it very interesting that lower prices was not a major reason given and competitive pricing was not mentioned as a major issue at the time.  

Click here to view the Australia 60 Minutes story, The Retail Revolution (2011).  Then come back and continue below.  

Some of the reasons given at that time for more and more people using the Internet for shopping:

1. A bigger range of goods out there in cyber space.

2. It's open 24/7.

3. No waiting in queues.

4.  Ease and convenience (sometimes cheaper).

5. The thrill and excitement of opening a present from yourself, within 48 hours, no matter where in the world you order from.

6. Can shop in your pyjamas (Australian spelling).

7. Returns were free at some sites, like Net-A-Porter, which had been selling upscale items and accessories for ten years, so they had that right from the beginning.

What were Bricks & Mortar saying at the time?

The counterpoint at the time was given by an Australian merchant who argued that, in a bricks and mortar store, people can see and touch, don't need to worry about (getting the right) size or fit, and can wear it right away.

Most importantly, the merchant was one of the Australian retailers fighting to have the Goods and Services Tax put on everything (over $1,000) bought online from overseas, so that businesses like his could compete on a level playing field. "It’s only fair," he reckoned.

The final note made by the owner of Net-A-Porter was that "the High Street would be populated by beautiful stores that pay a lot of attention to their customers -- and in the end, that’s a great thing for the customer."

What do you think?  Thanks.  Gilon  

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