Price? Convenience? Selection? Why Do 43% Of UK Internet Users Plan To Holiday Shop Online?

According to a recent article in, 43% of UK holiday shoppers (who are already internet users) say they are going to shop online this holiday season, as opposed to shopping at malls or on high street. The article was based on a September 2013 "Panel" from media-buying firm, Kinetic, which took a look at spend and behaviors this coming Christmas.  (Incidentally, "high street" for those of us that don't know English English, is the main street of a town, especially known as the traditional site for most stores, banks, and other businesses).  

Where UK Internet Users Plan To Shop

(See discussion following chart).


Online Shopping: According to the survey, 7% of UK Internet users say they will do all their Christmas shopping online; 36% say they will do most of their shopping online; 47% say they will do some shopping online; and 10% say they will do no shopping online.

High Street: 3% of UK Internet users planned to do all their shopping on high street; 24% planned to do most of their shopping on high street; 60% planned to do some shopping on high street, with 12% saying they will do no shopping on high street.

Shopping Mall: 2% of UK internet users said they will do all their shopping at the shopping mall, 20% will do most of their shopping at the mall, 60% will do some shopping at the mall, and 18% said they will do no shopping at the mall.

In total, 43% said they'll do all or most of their holiday shopping online, 27% will do all or most of their shopping on high street; and 22% will do all or most of their shopping at the mall. When added together, high street and mall shopping barely squeak out ahead of online.

Why do the Internet users like to shop online?

Nearly seven out of ten respondents said they planned to purchase Christmas presents online because:

1. It meant they could shop at any time of day. (Convenience).

2. They believed they could get the cheapest prices online. (Price)

3. The overall online purchasing process would be quicker. (Convenience).

4. Greater variety of items offered online as an incentive for shopping digitally.  (Selection).  Did not rank especially high among the respondents.

What items?


Items, such as CDs/DVDs (57%) and books (54%) were the leading purchases that UK consumers expected to make online. Toys and games at 40% and electronics at 40% were other leading items on people's Christmas lists.

Jewelry & watches (20%), homeware & furniture (16%) and sports items (19%) were the lowest percentages of categories that will be purchased online (even though percentages of in-store purchase plans for these items weren't so high either).

BONUS: Some Additional Key Stats From The Kinetic UK Panel:

• 2/3 of Christmas shoppers have not yet started their shopping (late September, 2013) and so (they) will be spending in the coming months. November is when most consumers will start their shopping.

• 65% of Christmas shoppers will make a spontaneous purchase when on the high street, so there is an opportunity to influence consumers at the last minute when they are out shopping.

• Not all Christmas shopping will be for others, 66% of women will be buying themselves a new outfit for a Christmas event.

• Perceptions toward digital screens are very positive - half are favorable toward digital screens in public locations, the remaining are neutral.

• 51% agree that they are more likely to act on a poster that tells them of a special offer nearby.

Bottom Line For A Retailer's Bottom Line: 

Shoppers are moving more and more to online shopping every year and it's becoming more and more unusual for shoppers to say they'll do none of their shopping online. Only 10% of respondents said they would stay away from digital purchasing altogether, a number that is shrinking every year.

It seems that having more options is not top of mind for UK holiday shoppers. Price and convenience are at the top of mind.

Based on the responses that many of the purchases will be spontaneous and shoppers are subject to promotions means that there's room for retailers to do some enticement of shoppers. 

*Read more at Low Prices Convince UK Holiday Shoppers to Go Digital, and Kinetic UK Panel September 2013.     


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