12 Cyber Monday Shopping Tips From The Retail Intelligence Company, Upstream Commerce

The other day we talked about the past history of Cyber Monday, including statistics that ranged from how much money is made on Cyber Monday to the fact that 96 percent of customers are motivated to shop with a retailer if free shipping is offered. The statistics point up some of the challenges to retailers for Cyber Monday's eCommerce Online Retail Competition. On the other hand, if you're a customer, here are 12 Cyber Monday Do's and Don'ts to make your shopping safe and successful, based on the infographic put together by Best Computer Science Schools.

12 Cyber Monday Do's and Don'ts For Consumers:

1. Do use coupons. Search official websites beforehand to get prepared.

2. Don't blindly follow links on Facebook. Personal recommendations are always best.

3. Do be wary of counterfeit merchandise. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

4. Do check out social media. Many merchants advertise their deals on Facebook and Twitter.

5. Do research trending topics on Twitter.

6. Do read product reviews before buying.

7. Do install legitimate shopping apps on your mobile device.

8. Don't provide any personal information unless your browser is in 'secure mode."

9. Do check your browser bar. Scam sites use URLs similar to those of popular stores.

10. Do bring you own device with you.

11. Do shop with a tablet, which is easier than shopping on your smart phone.

12. Don't use random Wi-Fi networks. Ever.

A note to retailers: With all respect, EVERY retailer can't and shouldn't compare him- or herself to Amazon. Better to compare against YOUR close competitors and try to win the pricing optimization and competitive sales war against them. A note to customers: These are 12 heads-up do's and don'ts to keep your holiday shopping fun, effective, and safe.  

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