Upstream Commerce Unveils New MAP Monitor™ Solution To Track & Document MAP Pricing Violations

UC logo 200 x 190CHICAGO - Wednesday, June 11, 2014 -- Retail Intelligence leader, Upstream Commerce, today, at the IRCE 2014 Conference in Chicago, unveiled the latest solution in their price intelligence toolbox, MAP Monitor™.  This tool gives retailers the capability to identify, document, and track corrections of MAP pricing violations. "In today's hyper-competitive market, violations of MAP pricing agreements dramatically affect retailers’ sales volume and bottom line," says Upstream Commerce CEO and Co-Founder, Amos Peleg, adding, "MAP Monitor™ is an effective solution to identify, document, track and follow up on those violations to be sure corrections are made." 

 "MAP Monitor™ is another powerful, flexible and user-friendly tool in the Upstream Commerce toolbox to help retailers make certain that everyone plays fair when it comes to MAP pricing -- and all competitive pricing for what matter," Peleg concludes. For details and demos, go to: Upstream Commerce Products: MAP Monitor -- or call (800) 815-1842.

About Upstream Commerce

Upstream Commerce transforms how retailers around the world grow sales and boost margins through real-time competitive insights, smarter pricing and optimal product assortment. By delivering automated, real-time intelligence and analytics, Upstream Commerce helps companies across more than 15 retailing categories optimize pricing, merchandising, promotion and lifecycle management.

Upstream Commerce's cloud-based solutions are purpose-built to simplify and streamline – on a massive scale – the complex data gathering, matching, and processing required for actionable retail intelligence. The Company's advanced analytics enable dynamic pricing, provide rich insights throughout the lifecycle of every product and category, and allow retailers to build and test business scenarios. To learn how Upstream Commerce delivers results for some of the most innovative retailers in the world such as Staples, Toys-R-Us,, Woodcraft, and e-Bags, please visit www.UpstreamCommerce.comor call (800) 815-1842.


SUMMARY: Upstream Commerce, leading provider of data-driven actionable retail insights, today, at the IRCE 2014 Retail Conference in Chicago, unveiled their MAP Monitor™ solution for tracking and documenting MAP violations in competitive retail pricing.  

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