3 Ways Automated Pricing Systems Can Harm Your Online Retail Business

Last spring there was a big buzz when a book about flies was listed on Amazon.com for $1,730,045.91!!  “…The prices,” according to the Seattle Post, “were stuck in a feedback loop … One bookseller raised the price and the other followed, which in turn would cause the first price to rise again. And on and on and on…”
There are many such stories, usu...
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5 Paths To Pricing Success For Today’s Online Retailers

Online retailing is a Brave New World being driven by competitor-based pricing, while cost-based pricing and customer-based pricing temporarily take a backseat. “Shopping online is about to explode,” writes Laura Heller on Forbes.com. “Retailers of all types are expanding product offerings, adding in-store pickup, free shipping and experimenting wi...
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