Competitive Price Tracking & Monitoring

The Competitive Price Monitoring solution from Upstream Commerce allows you to track, compare, analyze and receive recommendations and insights for optimizing your pricing, based on real-time competitive data. The accurate and detailed information delivered by our flexible software tool helps you develop the best possible competitive pricing strategy, gives you the means to translate the strategy into action, and allows you track execution and results.

Get a wealth of competitive pricing insights

Data collected directly from your competitors includes different types of prices, including standard, MSRP, discounts and shipping charges, as well as product availability. All this information, both current and historical, is available for you in easily configurable reports to help you optimize competitive pricing decisions.

Turn competitive price monitoring into big opportunities

Analyze the competitive landscape by category, brand, or any other breakdown that suits your needs. Use the intuitive user interface to quickly hone in on specific pricing opportunities vis-a-vis your competitors. Define email alerts to track and monitor competitive price changes in the market.

Optimize your pricing plan of action
with real-time and historical views

Do you have the right competitive price tracking tool to provide a clear view of your market? Is your pricing strategy truly competitive, based on accurate, ever-changing information? Our Competitive Price Monitoring solution makes all this possible... and more. Historical views enable you to compare competitive pricing dynamics across equivalent time periods, providing additional insights for tracking price changes, evaluating market behavior, informing you in real-time of important pricing events and allowing you to formulate optimal pricing strategies.

Fast, easy setup

With our advanced Cloud solution, there is no IT integration or setup necessary on your side - making solution deployment fast and accelerating time to value. We do all the work for you. All you have to do is log in and start using the system. It’s as simple as that!

A custom fit solution

Every retailer has its way of managing competitive pricing and product selection. Unlike other solutions, ours is designed for maximum flexibility, so you can configure it to your exact requirements.

Comparables matching

Our powerful matching technology allows you to compare your products to similar products offered by your competitors -- items that are "similar enough," such as private label products.

Easy integration

Conveniently connect the Competitive Price Monitoring solution to your e-commerce platform, ERP system, Web analytics application, pricing system, order fulfillment system or inventory management system using our Application Programming Interface (API).

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