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As a home improvement retailer, you manage a great deal of complexity. The availability of thousands of similar products offered by tool, hardware and materials manufacturers; the variability of price and availability based on location; and the highly technical nature of some of your offerings all add complexity to managing -- let alone optimizing -- your pricing and assortment. Moreover, increasing competition from general merchandise juggernauts, such as Walmart and Amazon, adds another layer of complexity.

The solution from Upstream Commerce is designed to equip home improvement retailers with the knowledge to meet these challenges by providing the means to better understand competitive pricing and assortment. Insight-rich, real-time retail intelligence ensures that you always offer the right products, through the right channels and at the right time and price.
Home Improvement Solution
Having worked with some of the most innovative home improvement retailers in the world, we designed our solution to handle the product matching and comparison challenges inherent in this category. The Upstream Commerce solution easily scales to handle very large product catalogs, matches similar products based on a vast array of specifications, and categorizes highly technical information -- all essential to optimizing the pricing and assortment of a large portfolio of complex offerings.
Actionable insights through advanced reporting
Analyze your competitive landscape by virtually any type of segmentation (e.g., brands, product categories), including custom segments based on your individual needs, such as price ranges. Easily drill down to the product level at any time. Advanced reporting allows you to uncover historical pricing patterns and compare pricing tactics over the entire product lifetime.
Smarter product assortment
The growing size of product catalogs makes product selection a big challenge. With the home improvement solution from Upstream Commerce, you can develop new product selection approaches by comparing catalogs based on a variety of breakdown options, analyzing product introduction and removal patterns, and benchmarking against the industry.