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7 key steps to outprice, outsell
and outperform your competition
“Retailers today need every technological advantage they can get to track competitors’ pricing and assortment in real-time… It’s increasingly becoming a real-time environment for action and reaction."

Kevin Sterneckert, Gartner Research VP, Expert Analyst, Merchandise Life-Cycle Optimization
6 reasons every retailer
should track competitors' prices daily
In order to succeed, you have to compete in every way - with regard to planning, positioning, pricing, winning customers, and even dealing with some things that are beyond your control. To do this, you need the right capabilities, tactics and guidelines to give you the rich and timely insights for optimal decision-making.
Learn how Upstream Commerce has paid off for Staples
"For Staples, using Upstream Commerce has definitely paid off… The results from incorporating the insights from Upstream Commerce
into our day-to-day pricing operations have shown us what is truly possible when you have complete visibility into our competitors’ prices."
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10 Important Reasons Retailers Should Monitor Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Violations
Jun 21, 2014Are your competitors violating MAP agreements to the detriment of YOUR bottom line? As you know, Minimum Advertised Price or MAP -- emphasis on the word "Advertised" -- is a supplier / manufacturer pricing policy (with legal ramifications), not permitting resellers to advertise a product for prices below a certain specified amount.
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10 Important Pricing Lessons Retailers Can Learn From 10 Simply Stupid Pricing Mistakes
Mar 26, 201410 Simply Stupid Pricing Tips, by Pricing Prophet, Jon Manning gives us ten important pricing lessons on how to price wisely. Jon calls them "tips"; I prefer to call them "retail pricing strategy mistakes". Manning, as always, tackles the essential issues and cuts to the heart of the matter with a rapier. In his latest video, below, Jon presents the following pricing faux pas, followed by his brief, pointed, educational observations...
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Pricing Intelligence Solutions Are NOT Created Equal: 5 Vital Questions Every Retailer Should Ask & Get Answered
Mar 21, 2014A funny thing happened to me at the eTail West conference in San Antonio, Texas earlier this month: I realized that many retailers don't fully appreciate the vast differences in the capabilities and offerings of "pricing intelligence" providers. Many of the folks with whom I spoke seemed to think that there are a number of vendors, all doing and offering roughly the same thing. I'd like to tell you that this just isn't so – and why it's important to understand the differences.
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Private Label Popularity Means Retailers Must Compare Products Carefully & Price Competitively
Mar 14, 2014The “Great Recession” and the recent ailing economy brought new opportunities for supermarkets, drugstores, and “Club” stores to reach out to consumers increasingly eager to save on everyday purchases. One of the simplest strategies for consumers to trim costs was to switch to cheaper brands, also known as generic no-name brand...
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Marketers Say Shoppers More Interested In Product Quality Than Low Prices. True or False?
Mar 04, 2014We were looking at the results of a February 2014 “CMO Survey” performed for the American Marketing Association (AMA) by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. The point of the twice-annual CMO Survey, according to its own branding, is “to predict the future of marketing; track marketing excellence; and improve the value of marketing.”
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