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eBook: 7 key steps to outprice, outsell
and outperform your competition
“Retailers today need every technological advantage they can get to track competitors’ pricing and assortment in real-time… It’s increasingly becoming a real-time environment for action and reaction."
Kevin Sterneckert, Gartner Research VP, Expert Analyst, Merchandise Life-Cycle Optimization
eBook: 6 reasons every retailer
should track competitors' prices daily
In order to succeed, you have to compete in every way - with regard to planning, positioning, pricing, winning customers, and even dealing with some things that are beyond your control. To do this, you need the right capabilities, tactics and guidelines to give you the rich and timely insights for optimal decision-making.
Case Study: Learn how Upstream Commerce has paid off for Staples
"For Staples, using Upstream Commerce has definitely paid off… The results from incorporating the insights from Upstream Commerce
into our day-to-day pricing operations have shown us what is truly possible when you have complete visibility into our competitors’ prices."
Best Practices: How to Enhance your pricing strategy using Dynamic Pricing
Use the Dynamic Pricing guide to help you expertly create a competitive pricing strategy that will drive loyalty and long term revenue.
Best Practices: How To Maximize Your Competitive Data Outcomes
Follow the guide’s best practices to learn how you can make the competitive data outcomes from your pricing and assortment intelligence solutions actionable to support your goals for correct price image and greatest profitability.
White Paper: Dynamic Pricing
Learn about the dynamic pricing engine and how the tool can help you empower your pricing strategies and business goals.
Report: Pricing 2016: Life Becomes Unmanageable
Where are retailers headed regarding their pricing strategy? See the RSR Research Report: Pricing 2016: Life Becomes Unmanageable. Find out what strategic pricing business challenges retailers face and what are the objectives of their company pricing strategy.
Report: Holiday Promotions Trends
Upstream Commerce analyzed 300,000 products by seven major retailers -- and found clear trends in the depth and breadth of the promotions during the last two holiday seasons.
Infographic: Key Elements of Price Optimization Every Retailer Should Know
Find out how you too can utilize price optimization to achieve your strategic objectives by learning about the 8 key elements of price optimization presented in the infographic.
Recent articles from our blog
Some Strategic Considerations For Price Matching
May 19, 2017When a large company like Amazon eliminates price matching refunds on many items — most recently on televisions — there’s usually a very good reason. (Amazon isn’t the first and won’t be the last to start or stop matching prices). The most important pricing strategy question with which every retailer must wrestle is, when, where, and why...
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Back To The Future With Predictive Analytics
Mar 22, 2017Here’s a guest article by ecommerce entrepreneur Patrick Foster. Patrick writes: Big Data can be, and usually is… unstructured, unwieldy, and overwhelming. The secret to success with big data is knowing that it’s quality, not quantity, that counts. Some companies are swamped and stymied by big data, while those who zero in on the RIGHT data...
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Ten Top Retail Trends For 2017
Jan 05, 2017Retailers have a pretty good idea which trends need addressing in the coming year — and beyond. They’re well aware that the retail (r)evolution includes all-encompassing categories such as consumer trends, seamless omnichannel strategies, the increasing inter-dependability of retail and technology, mobile (and mobile device) usage, big data
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An Exclusive: Reasons Why Online and Instore Retail Prices Should Be the Same
Oct 15, 2016Upstream Commerce had the privilege to interview Chris H. Petersen, PhD, Retail Research Expert and Founder of Integrated Marketing Solutions, about his recent article: "Should retail prices in stores be the same as those online?" In the article, Petersen concludes that "consumers have already decided the answer to this question by expecting and getting the same product prices in store and online. He says the retail store, in essence, has become an omnichannel distribution point as much as a point of sale.
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How Retailers Are Using Price Optimization Software To Make Profitable Pricing Decisions
Sep 21, 2016In today's transparent, always-on, highly competitive marketplace, savvy retailers are quickly adopting "the best technology so far" to compete strongly in the pricing arena. Price optimization software melds big data, science, and historical information to help retailers price millions of SKUs, product-by-product, in the most accurate, timely, and profitable way. Essential components of price optimization solutions are predictive analytics (using accumulated historical behavior to predict and project successful pricing); dynamic pricing; and competitive pricing analysis.
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Why Retailers Should Outsource Their Analytics
Jul 24, 2016As predictive analytics and price optimization take their rightful place in the science of pricing, more and more retailers are asking: Is it better to perform my analytics in-house or use outside vendors who are experts in providing this service?
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7 Sure-Fire Ways For Retailers To Generate Extra Profit
Sep 25, 2015From enterprise on down, every retailer has to be creative and "think smarter" to survive and thrive in today's competitive retail arena. Last week, Peter Cobb, co-founder and CEO of eBags Inc., was a keynote speaker at the NEMOA* directXchange fall conference. Cobb described several winning ways to be competitive -- offering insights in what eBags does to maximize, feature, use, personalize, and innovate -- that show us why eBags is such a huge success in their space. (Cobb's presentation was summarized in: "An E-Commerce Survival Kit," by editor, Joe Keenan in TotalRetail).
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Predictive Analytics: A Retailer's New Best Trend!
Jun 29, 2015Retailers are finding that the path to optimal and dynamic pricing and increased profit margins goes through predictive analytics. It's essential for retailers to continually monitor data and analyze competitive pricing changes over time to get the true picture. Gone are the days of competitive pricing when some businesses underpriced, hoping to drive up volume by offering their product as the least expensive alternative.
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