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End-to-End Retail Intelligence

The Retail Intelligence Suite from Upstream Commerce provides retailers with the most complete, configurable, scalable and insight-rich solutions on the market today. Executives and professionals in pricing, merchandising, buying, e-commerce and financial roles can decide and act -- with complete confidence -- based on fact-based, real-time competitive insights.
Pricing Intelligence
Track, compare and analyze competitive insights. Obtain recommendations for optimizing your pricing, based on real-time competitive information. The accurate and detailed information, available from our highly configurable solution, helps you develop the best possible competitive pricing strategy, gives you the means to translate the strategy into action, and allows you to monitor execution and results.
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Assortment Intelligence
Find opportunities to continuously enhance your assortment and optimize your product mix. Select products objectively and more efficiently, even when your catalog includes hundreds of thousands of items. With complete visibility into what products are being offered in the market, you are in a great position to make very specific assortment decisions -- and to track the business impact of those actions.
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Predictive & Dynamic Pricing
Base your pricing practices not just on internal drivers, but also on competitors’ moves. The online retail market has become hyper-competitive, with product assortment expanding dramatically, and with adjustments occurring on a real-time basis. As a result, traditional pricing and demand prediction practices are coming up short. Reinvigorate these practices with Predictive and Dynamic Pricing.
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Lifecycle Intelligence
Leverage historical competitive information to uncover important trends that may affect – or even govern – the way you manage your product lifecycle. It allows you to use competitive historical information as a benchmark, to assess the effectiveness of your pricing and practices and to set concrete targets for greater success.
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Advanced Trending
Advanced Trending solution synchronizes relevant historical information, collates the important business metrics, uncovers the essential trends (that can then be exploited for comprehensive and effective management of products), and, in addition, helps clients visualize the outcomes of pricing automation.
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MAP Monitor
Violations of MAP dramatically affect your volume of sales AND your bottom line. Make sure that everyone's following MAP pricing rules. Use our MAP Monitor™ screenshots and documentation to show the distributor. Make sure violations are corrected, renegotiate more favorable pricing if necessary, and keep the playing field level.
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Business Scenario Manager
As a retailer, you have unique pricing and assortment management practices, created over time to address your business needs while complying with your organizational constraints. Introducing an intelligence service often creates conflicts with your existing processes. Upstream Commerce has developed a solution that allows you to implement your specific, individual business scenarios in pricing and assortment intelligence. By modeling your scenarios, you can eliminate many of the barriers for adoption and accelerate the use of retail intelligence.
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