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Advanced Trending

Powerful, hands-on
causality and correlation tools

We constantly enhance our platform to provide our clients with well-rounded solutions for competitive pricing, assortment, promotions and merchandising, including intelligence into all shopper centric decisions. Advanced Trending is an important component of that vision. The solution synchronizes relevant historical information, collates the important business metrics, uncovers the essential trends (that can then be exploited for comprehensive and effective management of products), and, in addition, helps clients visualize the outcomes of pricing automation.

Uncover the trends that control your critical business metrics

Compare competitive market movements against your critical business metrics to visualize and uncover historical trends that govern your price performance. Create, in a clear and straightforward way, an aggregate view at the category or brand level, enabling new and powerful pricing insights to be revealed. Get instant answers to questions such as: “How does my sales volume behave when market prices move in a direction opposite to my price updates?” or “Which metrics influenced the effectiveness of my promotion?”

Track and analyze the outcome of pricing automation

Attain your pricing goals easily and with unmatched clarity. We have taken the extra step of linking the results of Upstream Commerce’s pricing optimization automation with Advanced Trending. Go directly from your pricing rules of Dynamic Pricer™ and Predictive Pricer™ to Advanced Trending’s comparative charts for an immediate analysis of the progression of all your critical business metrics, both before and after applying each and every rule. View the evolution of your sales and margin dollars and instantly link it to conversion rate, cost of campaign, sell-through rate, and more!

Bridge the gap between merchants and automation

Pricing automation should never imply that category managers cease being deeply involved in pricing decisions. Quite to the contrary – the category manager is now tasked with aligning automation results with the strategy and tactics of achieving business goals. Failing to provide your merchandising team with effective tools for directing pricing automation and for overriding automation outcomes when needed, results in slow and delayed adoption of dynamic pricing tools. With the use of Upstream Commerce’s Advanced Trending, category managers can constantly evaluate the many aspects of automation outcomes, and make sound and well-informed decisions that complement dynamic pricing tools.