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Business Scenario Manager

As a retailer, you have unique pricing and assortment management practices, created over time to address your business needs while complying with your organizational constraints. Introducing an intelligence service often creates conflicts with your existing processes. Upstream Commerce has developed a solution that allows you to implement your specific, individual business scenarios in pricing and assortment intelligence. By modeling your scenarios, you can eliminate many of the barriers for adoption and accelerate the use of retail intelligence.
Scenario Builder: Gain insights and accelerate adoption by building and testing your own scenarios
Leverage the power of combining business and competitive insights
The business scenarios you desire to build, test and manage may require the use of data beyond what a retail intelligence service can provide. Pricing decisions often depend on product status, such as time in the market; on business parameters, such as demand and margins; and may even be bound to MAP rules, adding complexity to the exercise.

Furthermore, you may want to focus your efforts on products that you carry in your inventory, that generate a significant portion of your revenues, or that you decided to focus on for any other reason.

The Business Scenario Manager allows you to easily integrate data from a variety of sources, such as your internal databases, with information extracted from the Web, to create the actionable insights your business requires.
Create business scenarios
Generate reports and alerts which provide you exactly what you need. Once you define the business scenario on which you need to focus, and the types of data it requires, the Business Scenario Manager will allow you to easily configure it end-to-end. To accomplish this, you have multiple tools at your disposal: dynamic labeling, dynamic columns, and a formula creator.
Focus on your key products
Whether the key products are concentrated in specific brands, categories, or any other type of collection, Business Scenario Manager allows you to focus on these products, uncover key trends and identify opportunities for improving lifecycle outcomes. Focus on your top 5,000 best sellers, most profitable, or products that you carry in your inventory. Alternatively, focus on products in the long tail, which require special attention because they do not receive it on a regular basis.