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Predictive and Dynamic Pricing

The most powerful automated and rules-based price optimization tool

Market complexity and big data continue to overload the retail landscape. Rather than shy away from these trends, savvy retailers are quickly learning that this combination is paramount in creating great business opportunities. By deploying Upstream Commerce's science-based pricing optimization software, ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retailers can expertly create a competitive, “winning” pricing strategy that is critical for success. By utilizing our services, companies will take the lead and restore eroding margins, drive loyalty, guarantee long-term revenue and maintain a competitive price image.

A repricing software that works

Pricing recommendations
based on predictive analytics
rules-based pricing
aligned with business goals
Catalogs which were fully managed previously
will show additional:
gross profit gain
Revenue gain
Catalogs which were partially managed previously
will show additional:
gross profit gain
Revenue gain

Predictive pricing solution

Demand prediction for an unruly market - cracked!
Having multiple and varied competitors per product means sparse and choppy historical data - this is where most statistical prediction methods fail. Upstream Commerce has deciphered the long-outstanding problems of price-elasticity calculation and demand prediction for real-time, hyper-competitive markets. Our predictive pricing engine is based on an innovative statistical approach that works!
Infer price elasticity from trending data

Dynamic pricing engine

Create your own rule-base to set the right prices
Utilize both external and internal business metrics to create the most powerful and accurate set of pricing rules for your business operations. With Dynamic Pricer™ you can dramatically increase efficiencies and improve your bottom line!
Empower your merchant
Our clients taught us that no matter how smart pricing automation might be, category managers still like to stay on top of things and have sense of control, be it for best sellers or for significant price moves. Combine dynamic Pricer™ with Predictive Pricer™ to ensure alignment with business goals, while simultaneously providing the option for manual overrides. Use the simulation capabilities of Dynamic Pricer™ for exploring additional pricing opportunities.
How to select best predictive pricing software

Turn big data into actionable insights using retail price optimization software

While you might have already taken the first step and invested in price intelligence platforms, now it is time to combine the insights with the internal sources shaping your sales in order to compete in the dynamic online and offline marketplace. This requires an agile Web-based, automated business platform and sophisticated analytics tools designed to harness increasing levels of big data. Upstream Commerce’s Pricing Optimization solution can lead you through the process.

The best retail pricing analytics and competitive intelligence
software under one roof

Basing your pricing decisions and strategy on the most accurate data available can significantly improve your bottom line. Upstream Commerce understands both analytics and data, so there are no misinterpretations, no integrations, and no need for adaptations between vendors. Upstream Commerce gives you one support address along with simplified operations and powerful tools, all pre-integrated out-of-the-box. Upstream Commerce is your one-stop shop for critical pricing automation.

Use advanced pricing analytics to maximize your gross margin performance

Upstream Commerce gives you the data-driven approach to pricing through best-in-class technology features that help you centralize your pricing abilities. With our unique and proprietary retail price optimization software, you will be quick to adapt to changes as you anticipate market trends and customer needs and behaviors. Our platform will help you achieve resource management efficiency and cost effectiveness as well as a better data set on your competitors' prices.

Take what you do well, and do it in a "scientific" way to better retain consumers, protect your margin more efficiently and achieve growth utilizing Upstream Commerce's price optimization software. Learn to maximize regular traffic to your online store and where to drive impulse purchases. Most of all, you'll have a market strategy in place so you can make well thought out, data-driven tactical decisions that bring results and profit.

Our team will guide you through implementation

Employing our professionals for hands-on assistance to develop strategies and implement fully our software solutions can significantly improve the outcome of predictive and dynamic pricing.

Our expert Client services team will partner with you to learn the specific needs and goals of your business, analyze your data, share valuable insights and engineer the outcome of your stated objectives.
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