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Cloud Technology

Upstream Commerce offers the most advanced Cloud-based retail intelligence solution. The platform harnesses a massive pool of competitive data, delivering retail insights on a real-time basis and with unprecedented scale and quality.
Near 100% matching
Accurately matching like-data for comparisons -- of identical products or private-label equivalents -- is accomplished by applying advanced semantic and fuzzy-logic algorithms as well as image recognition. Upstream Commerce has built, and continually nurtures, domain-specific dictionaries used to identify product similarities. Multi-parametric matching, which takes into account the different attributes of every product, is also employed. To deliver the highest levels of matching accuracy, this robust process includes manual reviews performed by our in-house domain and technical experts.
Unlimited scalability
Our technology is purpose-built to scale, providing you accurate retail intelligence on very large numbers of products, at a high frequency, and while maintaining a low footprint on tracked retail websites. The system can be accessed by hundreds of users concurrently. Scalability is achieved by using the most advanced Cloud-based server farms.
Matching comparable
In addition to accurately matching identical products, our solution enables similar products, such as private-branded offerings, to be reliably matched and compared. Regardless of whether your products are private-label, branded, or both, our multi-parametric approach allows you to make comparisons based on key similarities, while ignoring certain product attributes.
Totally configurable
The Upstream Commerce platform gives you the flexibility to configure how you extract, manipulate, consume and integrate data from a variety of sources. Be it information extracted from competitive websites or internal databases, new metrics to track trends and business impact, or custom reports and alerts that deliver richer, more timely insights – the platform enables myriad possibilities for configuring a tailor-made retail intelligence solution.
Fast, easy setup
With our advanced Cloud solution, we can roll out the service with no IT integration or setup on your end. We do all the work for you. In cases where additional information is required, we can usually receive it as a simple file, after the roll out is complete. The effort from your IT team is minimal.
Matching products
with partial data
If you want to accurately compare your product pricing and assortment with those of your competitors, you need to ensure that partial product information, such as missing universal identifiers, model names or brand names, is appropriately handled. In addition, manufacturer and brand names are often used interchangeably, causing the same product to appear with different names. Colors and other attributes may vary between websites. Upstream Commerce manages these challenges by augmenting product information with data from many sources on the Web, building and maintaining dictionaries for each industry, and making use of every bit of information found on the product page to ensure a correct match.
Track & analyze at the right level of detail
Based on the retailing category and on unique customer requirements, products may be tracked and analyzed at different levels of detail. Products may have variations, such as size, color and material. Selecting the right level of detail is critical for realizing the potential business impact of retail intelligence.

You may choose not to analyze shoes based on size, while analyzing them based on color. Our Client Services team will advise you on the implications of choosing different levels of detail, and guide you in selecting the ones that perfectly match your requirements.
Dr. Shai Geva describes our first-in-class technology
Chief Technology Officer, Upstream Commerce
  • How our technology works
  • What makes our technology unique
  • What are some of the challenges we overcame